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Exercise Machines

AB-DOer Xtreme
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  Take your abdominals to the extreme!
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Take your abdominals to the extreme!

Having slim and sexy sick-pack abs is the ultimate sign that you look good, are in shape and that you take care of your body. Also, having ripped ab muscles is also a sign of confidence too. Think about it – would you dare take off your shirt at the beach today?

You want to give yourself rock hard abs, but you don’t want to embark on using a tough, painful, inefficient and ineffective workout machine that’ll leave you feeling sore and tired – but frustrated and with no results. You want something that works and delivers the body you want!

John Abdo, the Olympian and gold medal coach has develop an abdominal training machine that works your entire waistline and help your lose weight, burn fat and build muscle. Give your abs a workout like they’ve never had with the revolutionary AB DO-er Xtreme!

How it works

In just minutes a day, you can sculpt, transform and redefine your body and give yourself the look – and confidence – that you've always wanted.

Just sit down on the AB DO-er Xtreme, grab the handles and start moving your body around. As you twist and wiggle your body, your entire abdominal area and core region is working and stretching – allowing you to build muscle and burn fat.

Unlike other workout machines that target some muscles, but ignore others, the AB DO-er Xtreme focuses on all the muscles in your midsection – allowing you to experience the benefits and see the results of a complete and total abdominal workout in just a matter of days!

What are you waiting for? Turn your body from flab to fab and order your AB DO-er Xtreme today!

A complete workout system

John Abdo has created a comprehensive exercise kit designed to help give you the results you want – fast. When you order your AB DO-er Xtreme, you'll get the following items:

  • 21 Day Diet and Eating Plan
  • Instructional Video with 3 Exercise Routines
  • 30 Day Xtreme Challenge Guide

By following the diet plan and performing the video exercises, you won't believe how fast you can boost your body with the AB DO-er Xtreme!

Give yourself the body, look and confidence you've always wanted and order your AB DO-er Xtreme today!

Product Features:

  • Works out your entire abdominal region & midsection
  • Comfortable padded seat with comfort grip handles
  • Developed by John Abdo, Olympian & gold medal coach
  • Easy to follow video with 3 exercise plans:
  • (Six Pack Attack: trim fat along your waistline, Fat Blaster: tone and improve your cardiovascular system, Abdobics: strengthens your back & spinal column)
  • Easy and effective to do

What's Included:

  • 21 Day Diet and Eating Plan
  • Instructional Video with 3 Exercise Routines
  • 30 Day Xtreme Challenge Guide

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